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Managing your Wellbeing when running your business in 2024

Wellbeing Wellness

The stress of running a business Launching and managing your own business while working hard to be profitable is exciting and rewarding but it can also be tiring and occasionally emotionally draining. The 2022 AXA SME Wellbeing Report discovered that two in three small business owners don’t feel that they can talk to friends or family about stress […]

Managing your Cash Flow in 2024

Cash Flow Management

Cash flow management is an ongoing juggling act for business owners. It requires constant attention, balance and a clear understanding of the money coming into your business as cash assets leave. That’s right, managing cash flow isn’t something you can get 100% right overnight. But with careful planning and the right processes, you’ll soon be […]

Comparing Quotations for Bookkeeping and Accounting Services for 2023

Bookkeeping and Accounting Services, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable

The 2022/23 tax year is just around the corner and people are realizing their Books are not up to date and now start comparing quotations of Bookkeepers and Accountants. In my field I see many business owners that are comparing quotations for bookkeeping and accounting services, but they don’t compare quotations correctly so it not […]

How to Staff your New Cloud-Based Accounting System in 2022

How to, Staffing, Cloud-Based Accounting Software, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Taxation

How to staff correctly for your new Cloud Based Accounting system is self-evident to me. The way I see it is do not use someone who is not fully conversant with the use of a smartphones to upload your documents on your new AI system and then only let a qualified person connect and link […]

Tax season 2022: Beware

Tax Season, Accounting Service, Bookkeeping Service

While this is written in the USA, we can also face the same problems in South Africa now with our Tax season opening in July. As people get ready to file their taxes in many parts of the world, cybercriminals are getting ready too. Tax-return time is open season for cybercrime, and it’s likely to […]

Amazing top tax saving tips for your 2022 tax year end

Tax Savings Tips, Cloud Accounting, 2022 tax

Rather than focusing on cutting your tax bill, I propose a different strategy: Focus on growing wealth and use the year-end time to review your financial situation and make changes, if necessary.  Here are a few tax saving tip to think about to reduce your tax bill and grow your wealth.  Tax Saving Tip no 1: […]

Great ways to track small business transactions in 2022

Business Transactions Accounting Service Bookkeeping Services

Business Transactions can easily overwhelm a small business owner, as the sheer volume of financial data you must track and store is mind boggling.  Every successful small business leaves a trail of hundreds – if not thousands or millions – of transactions in its wake. Depending on your industry, these transactions may take place on […]


Service Industry

Building a new service firm or growing an existing brand is hard work. And driving new client growth is essential to your success. Especially when your time is precious. The best way to find new clients – or replace lost ones – is with a smart, proactive strategy.  Mix new channels and old rules to […]


Bookkeeping Mistakes

Bookkeeping and Your Business  Running a business can be both fulfilling and stressful.  There is an undeniable satisfaction that comes from watching your idea become reality. However, there is more to running a successful business than product creation and marketing. While these are very important, keeping track of your expenses and making sure your finances are in […]

Business plans in 2021 – Agony or Joy?

Business Plan, Business plans near me

You’ve heard of a business plan – the Holy Grail of starting a business; the strategic, ‘living’ document that will be your business’s North Star. It’s The Document you must refer to when you reach a crossroads in your business, the one that will secure funding, should you need it.  But what exactly is a […]