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Does Accounting and Bookkeeping Scare You?

Do the finances of your business can feel like a complex, confusing burden. People say, “Accounting scares me. I don’t understand how cash flow forecasts work, or the ins and outs of a balance sheet.” So, does accounting and bookkeeping scare you too? Or are you confident in the way you manage your finances?

There are lots of new online tools out there to help you the client log into their accounting system, be up to date on a daily basis, and understanding exactly what’s in there.

It’s an education process: and we’re here to help. As a business owner don’t be scared by new technology, but rather embrace it as it’s there to help you. The numbers are there to help you, and to drive great business decisions. You’ll be more profitable and understand the direct correlation between the work you’re doing and the resulting numbers on those accounts.

Don’t think the numbers game is for your Accountant, even though historically that was the case. We want you involved. You need to have the ability to go through your management accounts and know what a balance sheet is, what’s in there, and why. There are Apps that can take your accounting data and put it into a format you will understand. You’ll know how to go into these reports on your own, and see how the profits are, and know the relationship between your balance sheet and cash flow and profits.

This process of moving from fear to fascination with your accounts starts by admitting the fear: accounting and bookkeeping Scare us. Recognise that some elements of accounting feel scary and confusing: but that doesn’t mean they have to stay that way. Begin the education process by embracing the new technology and we will be there by your side every step of the way.